Sportsbook Betting Tips And Strategies To Implement At The Best USA Online Sportsbooks

We all want to be Sports betting winners right? We have some very simple sportsbook betting tips for U.S. players that can make the difference between being a winner, and a long term loser. As they say with sportsbetting and everything else in life, “if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.” This is especially true with sportsbetting, one of the main reason people lose money betting on Sports in the US, is because they bet with their heart and not their brains.

Far too often people bet on their favorite sports teams, or their favorite boxer, or MMA Fighter. When instead they should be using the power of the internet to look at stats, possible advantage and disadvantages, injury reports, and more. With some simple sportsbetting strategy, tips, and of course a little luck, you can easily become a winning player at all United States online sportsbooks.

Best US SportsBook Tips For 2024

Managing your Bankroll

This is one of the most important aspects of sportsbetting, and it’s often overlooked by inexperienced bettors. Managing your sports betting bankroll plays a crucial part in your strategy. You should be looking at sportsbetting as a business, and as with any good business you should look at things like cash flow and money management.

You need to set a budget for each sport or event, and it’s often a good idea to set a specific amount per bet. Generally a good tip is to set your bet amount to roughly 1-3% of your total budget, and by doing this you will ensure that no single bet will cripple your bankroll.

The Unit Betting System

You will often see experts sports-bettors speaking about their bets and bankroll in “Units” The units system is an easy way to track your bankroll, wins, and losses and it also helps people detach themselves from the aspect of betting actual money. By thinking of your betting bankroll in units, it also makes it easier to track.

For example if your bankroll is $1000, that is 100 units of $10 each. If you decide to bet 1-3% of your bankroll on each bet, 1 unit = $10, and of course 3 units equals $30. It’s a simple and effective way to manage your betting bankroll. By maintaining a simple system such as this, you can guard against the mystical betting “locks or sure things” by sticking to your pre-determined rule of betting 1-3% on any bet.

SportsbettorsĀ that are disciplined in their approach, can win long term and make it through cold streaks and the inevitable bad luck streaks.

Choosing The Best US Sportsbook

First off it’s important to note that picking the best US sportsbook is one simple step in ensuring you are giving your-self the best chance to win. That simple step is an important one. Not all sportsbooks are alike, they all have different first time deposits, reload bonuses, cashback rewards, and other variables to consider. For example, sportsbooks in most cases set their own lines or odds for specific games or events. Odds can vary quite a bit depending on how they see a particular game going. And nearly all of the big names in the industry offer US mobile sportsbook apps.

Another things to consider is some sportsbook offer various parlay betting options, and some limit the amount you can wager and win. Also some sportsbook offer most point-spread betting options, while others offer a money line and a straight win/loss wager. These may be subtle differences but depending on the sports you want to bet on, it can make a big difference in your win totals.

Drinking and Betting – Never do it!

First let me say it’s always fun to watch a game with your friends and put friendly wagers on games and even small prop bets. After all, that’s part of the fun right? But you need to guard against making serious betting decisions when you have been drinking a lot, or partying a lot. I’m all for having a good time and as I said, it’s always fun to bet with your buddies. But serious sportsbettors know to never endanger their business or bankroll by placing wagers while you are drunk or seriously buzzed.

If you end up having to miss some bets on Sunday’s NFL Games, then you can sober up and put some action on the Monday Night game when you are clear headed. Missing a few bets is ALWAYS better than making several bad bets. Betting when you are not sober allows you to make wagers with emotion, and possibly bad information. do yourself and your betting business a favor and take the day off, and you will thank yourself in the morning.

Final Sportsbetting Advice

While these tips may seem like common sense and obvious, keep in mind that these simple rules can mean the difference between being a winning sportsbettor, or a long term loser. The margins are small, and every bet or unit matters long term. Keep these simple sports betting tips in mind, and you are giving yourself the best chance to win.