Online Sportsbooks Open To United States Players

Flag Of The United StatesSports betting in the United States is one of the oldest forms of entertainment in the country. People have been betting on everything from Horse Racing to Boxing because let’s face it, before TV and the Internet, there wasn’t that many recreational activities. As long as people have been betting, there has always been “bookies” and US Sportsbooks to handle the wagers and set the betting lines.

Sports betting has been called one of the most profitable forms of gambling for those who are willing to take the time to do research. Sports bettors are wagering on the skills of others. Of course, there is no perfect gambling. There can always be upsets, but sports betting can be very profitable.

Although most modern countries in the world allow and even encourage Sportsbooks and Sports betting, the US Online Sports Books have been facing scrutiny which seems to increase and decrease depending on which political party controls the White House. Until recently Nevada was one of few US States which allowed online sports books to operate.

However, recently there has been a lot of progress for US Sportsbooks and Gaming companies, and some States like New Jersey are finally following the lead of Nevada and began licensing USA Sports books.  This has been a great move for the New Jersey Economy and now several states are pushing legislation to officially allow sports betting to come to their State verified by

Until that happens US Sports bettors will continue to rely on well known sportsbooks based overseas which are 100% reputable and among some of the most popular brands in the sports betting industry. With growing interest in sports betting, players are getting all the great benefits of competing companies. Now is a great time to take advantage of all the amazing United States Sports book Promotions and Deposit Bonuses being offered for US players.

Most Reputable Online Sportsbooks Accepting United States Players In 2024

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Bovada Sportsbook50% Max $2505 StarsUSA Flag SmallVisit Site
Betonline Sportsbook25% Max $10004 StarsUSA Flag SmallVisit Site
Sportsbetting.ag25% Max $10004 StarsUSA Flag SmallVisit Site
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The Legality of Online Sports Betting In The U.S. In 2024 Covering Laws And Regulations

Sports betting in the USA was deemed illegal for placing bets over the telephone by the Wire Act of 1961. It has been argued that the Wire Act applies to online betting, but there have also been arguments made against that. This leaves online sports betting in the USA in a grey area in regards to legality.

The Wire Act does not specifically address online betting. Of course, there was no internet at this time so this was not an issue. There are so many laws in place regarding sports betting that it would be difficult to determine a clear answer to the question of whether it is legal or not.

We do know that many people misconstrued the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. Many people thought that this Act made it illegal to gamble online. The Act actually made it illegal for financial institutions to process payments related to online gambling. Nowhere in the Act did it state that online gambling was illegal. It just made it harder for US players to deposit and withdraw funds from online sites.

We do not have law degrees and cannot advise you on the legality of placing sports bets online in the US. A few states have deemed it illegal, but most states do not have any specific laws regarding online sports betting. We can tell you that we cannot find any cases where individuals have been charged for placing sports bets online outside of the states that have specifically deemed it illegal.

USA Sportsbook Bonuses And Promotions

There are literally dozens of sportsbook options in the US, and it can be tough to decide on which one to invest your hard earned money. Thankfully we are sports betting experts and we are here to give you some great tips and advice so you can make an informed decision.

Here are several important things to consider when deciding which sportsbook to play at. Regardless of which US site you choose, they should all have one or more of the following.

Top 5 Promos all US Sportsbooks Must Have

  1. A First Time Deposit Bonus For US Players – Usually in the form of a match bonus which is released as you make wagers.
  2. Frequent Re-Load Bonuses – If a sportsbook wants to keep your business, they need to make it worth your while and give you some type of match bonus on your re-deposits
  3. Cashback Rewards and/or Comps – Again you are a valued player, the sportsbooks need to treat you like it. They should have some form of rewards and promotions.
  4. Free Bets – Sports books profit from you trying new games and placing wagers on new sports. Often they will offer small free bets to entice you to play. Always take advantage of these opportunities, and keep in mind you may have to opt-in for some of these promotions.
  5. Large Game Selection – Of course betting on US Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer and the most popular games to wager on, but make sure they have other niche sports such as Boxing, MMA, NCAA Sports, Tennis, and of course Horse racing.

In addition any sportsbook worth noting should be available on your mobile device. We have a list of recommendations on mobile sportsbooks for US players. The site also needs to offer US friendly sportsbook deposit options so it’s easy to get money on and off the site.  These are all important characteristics of a quality site.

The History Of Gambling On Sports In The United States

Some of the most notable history of sports betting in the United States comes from scandals in the early days of betting. In 1919, the Chicago White Sox and the Cincinnati Reds played in the World Series. The White Sox lost to the Cincinnati Reds which was a huge upset.

It was later discovered that a professional gambler had paid eight members of the White Sox team around $10,000 each to blow the game. The players were banned from playing professional baseball for the rest of their lives.

Baseball is not the only sport with scandals involved due to sports betting. Football, basketball, boxing, and tennis are some of the other sports that were proven to have games fixed in order to have a certain outcome.

This practice of fixing games got so out of hand that the United States cracked down on sports betting. Many laws were enacted in order to keep the integrity of the games. A handful of states legalized sports betting, and the other states were left with no outlet to bet.

The inability to bet on sports left a void for many bettors. They had no outlet. This void was filled by organized crime leaders setting up sports betting that could be done by phone. This eventually led to the Wire Act of 1961.